Anil Kapoor Has A Deep Conversation on Life With A Stranger

Anil Kapoor recently made a kind gesture for a fellow traveller on a bumpy flight, and it’s going viral online.

Sharing a selfie with the Bollywood actor, Shikha detailed how she struck up a conversation with her “real co-passenger”,” The moment I kept my hand on the divider in the middle of the two seats, my co- passenger held my hand and said “Hey it’s ok.Tell me your name.Let’s talk.” If that moment he didn’t speak, I would have never spoken in the interest of keeping his privacy. But those 2 hours I laughed endlessly and it felt like the flight landed a few seconds after taking off.(Pata bhi nahi chala.)

When it landed, Anil Ji said: “a lot of people will tell you anxiety is bad, but today due to your anxiety we both got a chance to talk, and laugh and now maybe you also treat me to a coffee in Delhi”.I smiled, and he hugged me on our way out and said “Shikha The Mittal BYE!”.

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