Andy Serkis Is Down For the New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movies

In an Interview to The Hollywood ReporterAndy Serkis is coming off his riveting performance in Disney+’s Andor, but the role that made him a fan-favorite could be coming back around again if Warner Bros. and New Line have their way.

The studios announced in February they were looking to develop new Lord of the Rings movies that would be set during the Third Age – during which Serkis’ devious, tragic character Gollum was around. Original trilogy director Peter Jackson and his writing team are in talks about potentially being part of the new films.

There are many “ifs” to all this right now, but we asked Serkis another: If a movie is greenlit, with Jackson’s team in the mix, would he be interested in being a part of it?

Serkis’ recent turn in Andor is notable for being precisely the opposite of so many of his exotic character creations. Prisoner Kino Loy looks just like Serkis in real life and wears the same paper costume as dozens of other incarcerated characters. It’s not yet confirmed as to whether his fan-favorite character will appear in the second part of Andor (filming now and probably coming in 2024), but a return of the Kino seems rather likely.

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