Andrew Dominik not worried about negative reviews of ‘BLONDE’

While most directors would be worried if their film received negative reviews, Andrew Dominik seems to be enjoying it.
the director’s “Blonde,” which is based on the life of Hollywood actor Marilyn Monroe, has faced backlash since it debuted on Netflix. According to a report from a US-based entertainment website, Dominik admitted that he was “very thrilled” that the movie “outraged so many people” at the Red Sea International Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


he director of “Killing Them Softly” claimed that if you don’t show them that, it upsets them.

They actually mean that the movie took advantage of their perception of her and their memories of her, which is reasonable. But that’s the whole point of movies—to take things you already know and turn their meaning on its head. They don’t want to see that, he continued.

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