Ananya Pandey and Nushratt Bharucha to star in Ekta Kapoor’s dream project???

Disha Patani will appear in producer Ekta Kapoor’s big project “KTina,” which was first announced for 2019. In this announcement video, the actress, who was wearing many rings, stated that the astrologer had advised her. Given her fascination with the letter K, it gave off a very Ekta Kapoor impression.

However, there were rumours that the movie had been shelved. The project has reportedly been revived since it is a special movie for Ekta, albeit Disha Patani won’t be appearing in it. For the project, Raaj Shandiliyaa was meant to work with Kapoor. According to this source, the movie is now back on course after approaches for Ananya Panday and Nushratt Bharuccha. Once the cast is set, the producers will work on the timetable because the pandemic previously caused the filming to suffer and go awry.

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