Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan Reunite for New Project

The Father-Son Duo Share Behind-the-Scenes Moments in Recording Studio

Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan has unveiled new images from his latest project, featuring moments of collaboration with his son, Abhishek Bachchan. In a series of photos shared on his blog this past Saturday, Amitabh can be seen relaxing on a couch in what looks like a recording studio, both father and son wearing headphones. Amitabh is dressed in a vibrant ensemble with yellow shoes, red pants, and a brightly colored blazer, while Abhishek sports shoes, jeans, and a blue hoodie. The images capture them with their backs to the camera.

Alongside the photos, Amitabh expressed his excitement: “… running again to work .. late .. but the absolute joy of working together with Abhishek .. many more may they follow .. with prayer and hope .. Love (red heart emoji).”

Amitabh also took to X (formerly Twitter) to share more images and a tweet that read: “T 5035 – Peeta putra dono baithe, ek jagah hi kaam pe; jaldh aawe parde jodi, inke adhbhut kaam ke (laughing emoji).” This roughly translates to: “Both father and son are sitting together for work; soon they should appear on screen together for their amazing work.”

Known for being his son’s biggest supporter, Amitabh recently penned a heartfelt message on the eighth anniversary of Abhishek’s film “Housefull 3.” He posted a video to mark the occasion, along with a touching note praising Abhishek’s performance: “SUPEEEERRRRB .. YOO HOOOO .. LOOKING DYNAMIC .. ALL THE BEST ABHISHEK .. YOU BE THE BEST, LOVE YOU.”

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