Ameesha Patel Opens Up About Struggles Faced by Gadar 2 Crew During Chandigarh Shoot

Ameesha Patel, the renowned Bollywood actress, has taken to social media to shed light on the challenges faced by the crew of the highly anticipated film Gadar 2 during their shooting schedule in Chandigarh. In a series of tweets, Patel shared her insights into the difficulties the crew members encountered and expressed her gratitude to Zee Studios for stepping in to rectify the issues caused by mismanagement from Anil Sharma Production, ensuring the completion of the film.

Gadar 2 is the direct sequel to the blockbuster movie Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, which was released in 2001. The upcoming film features Sunny Deol reprising his iconic role as Tara Singh, alongside Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, and Aamir Naik in lead roles. Directed and produced by Anil Sharma, Gadar 2 is set to hit theaters on August 11, 2023.

Earlier, there were reports of Ameesha Patel accidentally sharing a potential spoiler about the period action drama, generating excitement among fans. However, in her recent tweets, the focus shifted to the struggles faced by the film’s crew during their shooting schedule in Chandigarh. Patel highlighted the issues caused by mismanagement from Anil Sharma Production, which created obstacles for the crew members.

While expressing her gratitude to Zee Studios, Patel thanked them for their intervention and resolution of the problems faced during the Chandigarh shoot. The timely support from Zee Studios ensured that the filming process could be completed without further delays.

Gadar 2 is highly anticipated by fans who have eagerly awaited the sequel to the original film. The clash at the box office on August 11, 2023, adds to the excitement, as Gadar 2 will face tough competition from other major releases like Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal, Rajinikanth’s Jailer, Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2, and Chiranjeevi’s Bholaa Shankar. It remains to be seen how the films will fare against each other in this intense box office showdown.

As the release date approaches, fans are eager to witness the magic of Gadar 2 on the big screen. The combination of Sunny Deol’s powerful portrayal of Tara Singh and Ameesha Patel stepping into the role of Sakeena promises to deliver a captivating cinematic experience. With the issues faced during the Chandigarh shoot now resolved, anticipation for Gadar 2 continues to grow, fueling the excitement among fans and moviegoers alike.

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