Alia Bhatt’s Vogue Cover Sparks Photoshop Debate: Is She Still Recognizable?

Alia Bhatt is ascending, and quickly. The actress serves as the cover model for the September issue of Vogue Thailand. While admirers praised the actress for reaching the milestone, some users of the Internet couldn’t help but trash the book’s cover since they believed it to be a Photoshopped image of Alia Bhatt. Some users have scrutinized some of the photographs from the shoot because they believe they were altered.That chin is photoshopped,” a user commented on the post. Another read, “The photoshop has totally transformed her! She is looking like everyone else except Alia.” Inputs from another user, “Why she look different (sic).”Another added, “At least don’t photoshop a person so much that they aren’t recognisable.” Another comment on the aforementioned post read, “You don’t look like Alia.”

There were remarks about Alia Bhatt’s photos being Photoshopped throughout several posts. Many users believed that the second image in the post had been Photoshopped. On another photograph from the shoot, a user wrote: “Why can’t you let her be the way she naturally is?” “It doesn’t look like Alia in the second post,” read a second. “Sorry but your eyes doesn’t look yours,” read a third.

Alia Bhatt tweeted a shot from the magazine shoot earlier this week, and the discussion over manipulation picked more steam when the comments section of her post was flooded with criticisms like, “Why is Alia looking different,” “Alia is not looking like Alia anymore” and “Her eyes look totally different in the shoot, they should let her shine as is.” Another added, “She is totally looking different.” Another read, “It took me a minute to recognise her! She’s looking so different but love her expressions in this pic.”

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