Alia Bhatt on her relationship with husband Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are celebrating the success of their most recent movie, “Brahmastra,” which has earned over 360 crore globally. The pair is set to become parents for the first time personally. The actors recently discussed their personal lives and finding love on the set of a movie in an interview.

Regarding their relationship, Alia stated in the NDTV interview that Ranbir and her are not the “ek jism do jaan” kinds but rather extremely powerful persons. She continued by saying that because they both share a passion for movies, they make a lovely match as partners and have a wonderful working connection. The pair respects one another’s individuality and responsibilities in the workplace.
Ranbir continued by mentioning Alia and remarked that at times, her demeanour might be intimidating. He chuckled and said that Alia could be brash and would have him undertake intimidating picture sessions for Instagram before an event.

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