Alia Bhatt on adopting the Kapoor Name

In a secret ceremony held on the balcony of their opulent Bandra house in April of this year, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor exchanged vows. The couple quickly got involved in cinematic projects, and Alia admitted she hasn’t had a chance to legally add “Kapoor” to her name.

The actress admitted that she had put off her plans to add the Kapoor surname to her documents because of her ongoing professional obligations. The actress claimed to a news outlet that Ranbir Kapoor had “promptly” updated his passport’s marriage status. Now that they are expecting a child together, Alia told mid-day that she doesn’t want to feel left out and a “Bhatt, while the Kapoors are travelling together.” Aaliya did, however, emphasise that she would not be altering her screen name.

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