Alia Bhatt Grabs Her First National Film Award for Best Actor as Ranbir Kapoor Stuns the Audience with Chivalrous Act

In an unforgettable Tuesday evening in Delhi, the radiant Alia Bhatt basked in the glory of her very first National Film Award for Best Actor, and the highlight of the night was her partner-in-crime, Ranbir Kapoor, who stole the show with a heartwarming gesture. The legendary Waheeda Rehman graced the front row with her presence, while the star couple occupied the second row, radiating charm and charisma.

Ranbir Kapoor stepped into the limelight during a pivotal moment when the paparazzi swarmed around Waheeda Rehman, capturing her radiant moment. Demonstrating impeccable chivalry, he gallantly moved the table obstructing her path, ensuring her safety and comfort. The occasion was all the more special for Waheeda Rehman, who was honored with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award.

Online, the video of Ranbir’s gallant act at the National Film Awards event set the internet abuzz, garnering a wave of praise from his followers. In the footage, a concerned photographer was overheard exclaiming, “Arey yar dhakka mukki, table aage jara hai yar, kya kar rahe ho aap log (why are you pushing, the table is moving, what are you doing)?”

Commenters couldn’t stop lauding Ranbir’s upbringing and gentlemanly behavior. One fan noted, “That’s called upbringing,” while another said, “Gud gesture by RK, old lady is sitting.” Drawing a touching parallel, a supporter compared Ranbir to his late father, actor Rishi Kapoor, stating, “He is doing what his father used to do.” Fans showered him with compliments like “Ranbir is a cute man” and “Such a gentleman,” celebrating his thoughtful act.

On a lighter note, many couldn’t help but wonder why Ranbir chose to wear sunglasses during the awards ceremony inside Vigyan Bhawan. Comments flooded in, questioning his eyewear choice, with one person humorously exclaiming, “Ander bhi black glares (black glares even inside a room)!”

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