Alia Bhatt gives Health Advice To Women

Alia Bhatt returned to yoga and her fitness routine after giving birth to a girl last November, but she is not in a rush to seem a specific way.Her credo is “Listen to your body,” something she has learned to do over the years as both an actress and a mother.

She informed us, “I really want to talk about this. A lot of women struggle with their new appearance post pregnancy.They tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to get back to looking a certain way.Everyone wants to lose weight and I can relate to that.”.

She further said, “I love food, I love to eat and I had to lose weight because films are a visual medium and you need to look healthy. You have to look appealing. In today’s age, with every picture appearing on social media, girls even before pregnancy are constantly worried about how they look. Women should take a moment to appreciate their bodies.”

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