Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor: A Memorable Family Escape in the Heart of New York City

New York City (NYC) witnessed the Bollywood glamour up close as power couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor embarked on a delightful holiday with their daughter, Raha. Their NYC escapade has been capturing hearts and camera lenses alike, as fans couldn’t resist snapping pictures of the celebrity trio relishing their time in the city that never sleeps.

Cafes and city streets have become their playground, with candid snapshots surfacing on social media platforms. But the excitement didn’t stop there; the couple also had a rendezvous with Ranbir’s cousin and Bollywood star, Karisma Kapoor, on a Monday night.

Karisma Kapoor couldn’t help but share her NYC adventures on Instagram. In her first post, she shared a charming selfie featuring herself, Ranbir, and Alia. Alia looked chic in a black top, while Karisma sported a blue shirt and a sleek black blazer. Ranbir, ever the cool guy, was spotted donning a black leather jacket and a beanie. The heartwarming moment when Ranbir planted a kiss on Karisma’s forehead was captured for all to see.

Adding to the charm of the post was a slightly blurred picture taken by Karisma and a neon sign that read “night out.” In the caption, Karisma described the evening as a “New York night out… family.” Fans of the Bollywood diva couldn’t resist chiming in with their thoughts, with some gently suggesting she invest in a better camera for crisper selfies.

While Karisma shared her night out, fans of Alia and Ranbir also contributed their share of glimpses into the couple’s NYC escapades. One photo showed them in matching outfits, which they had worn during their meet-up with Karisma. In a separate video, Ranbir and Alia displayed their down-to-earth charm as they posed for a selfie with an Indian family dining at a New York City restaurant. The couple left the eatery hand in hand, showing the world that even amidst their stardom, they cherish family moments and spontaneous connections.

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