Akshay Kumar Talks About Handling Criticism In the Movie Industry

Actor Akshay Kumar has discussed how he handles criticism and shared what motivates him. In a recent interview, Akshay stated that while receiving criticism makes him feel horrible, he is “proud of the ability” to move on “extremely quickly.” Akshay also addressed the issue of whether or not the box office results concern him. According to him, a movie’s reception indicates when a change is required.

When asked if the box office success of his movie bothered him, Akshay responded, “Of course they do. The box office results determine whether we succeed or fail. You refer to those as hits and flops. The box office results reflect all of this because if a movie doesn’t work, it means people didn’t go see it, which in turn implies they didn’t connect to it. The audiences tell us when we are right and where we are going wrong. And that indicates that now is the time to make a change. which I believe the entire industry is attempting to do..

Akshay stated in a conversation with Financial Express, “I have had many cycles of ups and downs in my life. The one common thing is that when the going’s good there are all praises and when it’s not it’s more criticism than you can imagine. Yes, I am human, and good feels good, and bad feels bad, but I am also proud of the ability I have to move on extremely quickly. What keeps me going is the same will I had on the first day I started work, I love working! And no one can take that away from me! You just have to keep going on, there is no other way. There is a higher power that sees everything and it compounds and gives you back the results of the honest hard work you put in, that’s how I deal with it.”

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