Akshay Kumar In Hot Water After Another Box Office Flop

Over a week after the debut of Akshay Kumar’s most recent movie, Selfiee, and its poor box office performance, producer and theatre owner Manoj Desai criticised the actor for overexposing himself to his fans. Selfiee had the weakest debut of any Akshay Kumar movie in ten years.

Manoj expressed his frustration with the recent box office failures of Akshay Kumar movies in a conversation with Filmi Fever. He was asked to comment on Selfie’s disappointing box office results. Manoj first demanded that advance booking for movies like “Selfie” begin on Monday rather than Thursday.

He continued by saying that when advance reservations go on sale later than expected, the general public assumes that the movie is subpar and that the producers are relying on a last-minute rush for ticket sales rather than on the quality of the production. In addition, he questioned producer Karan Johar, saying that while the director might have the resources to finance a number of duds, Akshay does not.

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