Akshay Kumar Gets Slammed For Dancing Shirtless, Video Goes Viral

One performer with a reputation for igniting the stage with his performance is Akshay Kumar. He attempted to do the same when he danced shirtless with Mouni Roy and Sonam Bajwa in a recent theatrical performance. He contributed to the song “Balma” from his 2012 film “Khiladi 786,” which was released.

The identical video quickly became popular on social media. A few people didn’t enjoy seeing the actor dance shirtless on stage with the girls at this age, despite the fact that some people applauded Aki for being in great shape at the age of 55..

a fan wrote; “He still is an athlete,”
“Dude’s fit at 59,” another commented. the people who were unimpressed left comments like – “Shame on Akshay Kumar”, and “Talentless, sab paise ka lalach”.It looks so cringe to see a 59 yo shirtless uncle dancing with 23-24 yo girls and doing creepy steps just to stay rel.

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