Akshay Kumar Declares His Belief in Being Indian, Not Religion, as He Turns 56

On Saturday, Akshay Kumar will celebrate his 56th birthday. He has made a number of remarkable press statements over the years. One of them that comes to mind was when he declared that he doesn’t believe in any religion and only believes in being Indian while promoting his 2021 movie Sooryavanshi.

In a PTI interview, Akshay was questioned about whether he thinks Sooryavanshi favors one religion over another. He spoke
, “I don’t believe in any religion. I only believe in being Indian and that is what the film also shows. The idea of being an Indian and not about being a Parsi or a Hindu or a Muslim, we haven’t looked at it on the basis of the religion.”

He added further, He added that it wasn’t a conscious choice to paint any particular religion in villainious colours in the film. “We make films which have negative and positive roles, I am just playing a character. In every film there will be both good and bad characters, the audience is smart enough to understand what to take back from the film – the good or the bad,”

Akshay Kumar only recently received Indian citizenship on this year’s Independence Day. The actor shared a photo of the papers on his social media accounts. Akshay has just Canadian citizenship in the past.

“Yes, I had said it in 2019, I applied for it (Indian citizenship). Then uske baad pandemic aagaya. Uske 2-2.5 saal sab kuch band hogaya. Renounce ka abhi mera letter aagaya hai (Then the pandemic happened and everything shut down for 2-2.5 years. My renounce letter is here) and very soon my whole passport will be coming,” Akshay said at the 2019 Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.

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