Ajith Kumar Unveils Playful Side in First Look from ‘Good Bad Ugly’

Director Adhik Ravichandran Excited About Collaborating with Versatile Actor

Ajith Kumar’s latest movie venture, ‘Good Bad Ugly’, offers fans a first glimpse into his lighter persona. Recently, director Adhik Ravichandran, known for his roles in ‘Bagheera’ and ‘Mark Anthony’, shared the initial image of Ajith from the upcoming film on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). The director expressed immense joy at working with Ajith and highlighted his versatility.

The poster reveals Ajith adorned with tattoos on his arms, dressed in a vibrant green and gold shirt that reflects the film’s themes of multiple personas. One version of Ajith appears contemplative, while another is poised for action, and a third playfully gestures towards the camera. Surrounding him are guns, bullets, and brass knuckles, hinting at the film’s gritty narrative.


Adhik praised Ajith’s ability to embody contrasting roles simultaneously, labeling him as “the most versatile performer.” He eagerly shared his admiration for Ajith’s work, mentioning his excitement about presenting the film’s first look to both fans and as a director.

‘Good Bad Ugly’ is slated for release around Pongal next year. This marks Adhik’s directorial debut with Ajith, following their collaboration in the Tamil adaptation of ‘Pink’, titled ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’.

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