After Shazam Failure, Will ‘Blue Beetle’ Be Able To Turn The Tide For DC Studios???

Superhero movies have been extremely popular for many years, and Marvel has undisputedly ruled the box office with its blockbusters. Nevertheless, DC Comics has its own diverse cast of heroes and villains, and it’s high time one of their less well-known figures had his due. Step forward Blue Beetle, the B-list vigilante who has at last scored his own feature film adaptation with Warner Bros. A bright burst of cobalt-colored light heralds the release of the movie’s first trailer, which promises to be a fun summertime treat for the whole family.

Blue Beetle has appeared in numerous comic book versions. Yet Jaime Reyes, the third person to assume the role of the Blue Beetle, is first revealed to us in the movie. Reyes, a teenager from El Paso, Texas, develops his escalating, azure-tinted superpowers after forming a link with an ancient alien scarab. Reyes becomes a menacing insectoid avenger covered in extra-terrestrial Armor as a result, capable of sustained flight and projecting coherent energy bolts from appendages.

Will it be able to stop the rot at DC Studios before the Gunn Verse actually begins to take shape or is it already too little too late for DC and the superhero genre in particular. Only time can answer that question.

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