Aditya Roy Kapur and Ananya Panday’s Romantic Getaway Captured by Paparazzi in Lisbon, Portugal!

An updated picture of Aditya Roy Kapur and Ananya Panday dining in Lisbon, Portugal, has been discovered online. The reported couple hasn’t posted any Instagram photos of themselves together while they’ve been on vacation. They were initially spotted kissing and posing for photos with fans in Lisbon after attending a concert in Madrid, Spain.

The most recent Instagram trending photo was published by a paparazzi account. The picture shows Ananya Panday smiling and looking into Aditya’s eyes as they converse. Aditya is wearing a blue shirt. She is shown with her hair in a ponytail, a white dress, and a small pink shrug over it.

A fan reacted, “His eyes.” Another said, “Ananya is so much in love just look at her.” One more said, “The eyes Chico the eyes. The eyes never lie.” An Instagram user pointed out, “They’re at Timeout Market in Lisbon. It’s like a big food market. I’ve been there.” A comment also read: “This is so wrong!! Unless they make an appearance, that gives public a permission to click, it’s wrong to click them in a moment”.

When both Aditya and Ananya published images from the same rock concert on their individual Instagram Stories, it was confirmed that they were traveling together in Spain. Photos and videos from the Arctic Monkeys concert in Spain were exchanged.

A few days later, images of them holding hands by a river appeared online. Ananya was wearing a strappy black dress, while Aditya was dressed in a grey T-shirt and black shorts. He was observed holding Ananya while gazing at the river. For admirers, they also posed.

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