Adipurush Scriptwriter Manoj Muntashir Offers ‘Unconditional’ Apology After Film Sparks Uproar

Manoj Muntashir, who wrote the script for the movie Adipurush, has offered a ‘unconditional’ apology after the film’s premiere last month, which ignited a significant uproar. Manoj acknowledged that the movie wounded people’s feelings in a new note that was posted on Twitter and Instagram.

I accept people’s emotions have been hurt by Adipurush. With folded hands, I extend my unconditional apologies. May Prabhu Bajrang Bali keep us united and grant us strength to serve our sacred Sanatan and our great nation. #Adipurush,” he wrote in his message.

People reacted to his message as well. “Come on, better late than never. May Bajrang Bali give you power,” wrote one. “Sometimes it happens that even good people go astray. But your apologizing proves that even if you made a mistake for some reason, you are a true Sanatani. Hail Lord Rama. May Lord Ram bless you,” wrote another.

‘Marega bete,’ ‘bua ka bagicha hain kya,’ and ‘jalegi tere baap ki’ are a few of the sentences for which the producers have received criticism.

The creators of Adipurush revised the dialogues in response to online criticism and fury. But the harm had already been done. The producer, director, and writer of the movie should be charged, the All India Cine Workers Association demanded in a letter to Mumbai Police and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

A PIL has been submitted to the Supreme Court asking for guidance on how to cancel the film’s certificate for public screening. At a police station in New Agra, the lawyers protested the movie and filed a complaint as well.

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