Actor Teja Sajja on How “HanuMan” Movie’s Success Altered His Spiritual Connection

Sajja Reflects on the Impact of Portraying a Divine Character and the Film’s Remarkable Box Office Triumph

In a transformative journey triggered by the staggering triumph of his 2024 cinematic venture “HanuMan,” actor Teja Sajja finds himself entwined inextricably with the divine persona depicted on screen. The movie, revolving around a protagonist bestowed with powers akin to Lord Hanuman, has not only catapulted Sajja into the limelight but has also deeply influenced his spiritual outlook.

“I have been flooded with invitations for numerous events commemorating Hanuman Jayanti today,” Sajja shares, contemplating potential appearances amidst the grand celebrations in Hyderabad. He attributes the overwhelming response to the profound resonance the film has struck with audiences.

Recalling the filming experience, Sajja speaks of feeling the divine blessings permeating through the production process. “Our work was only 30-40% of the journey. The rest was all Lord Hanuman’s doing,” he reflects, emphasizing the serendipitous turn of events that shaped the project’s outcome.

For Sajja, whose devotion towards Hanuman burgeoned post-production, the portrayal of the divine character has deepened his spiritual connection. “Before the film, my devotion wasn’t as fervent. But now, my bond with Lord Hanuman has strengthened,” he confides, acknowledging the transformative impact of the cinematic endeavor.

When asked about the quality he aspires to emulate from Hanuman, Sajja’s response reflects humility. “I wish to embody the humility of Lord Hanuman,” he asserts, underscoring the virtue of humility amidst prowess.

“HanuMan” emerges as a monumental success, grossing over Rs. 320 crores globally and completing a remarkable 100-day theatrical run across 25 centers in Telugu states. Director Prasanth Varma’s vision, coupled with Sajja’s compelling portrayal, has propelled the film to unprecedented heights in an industry where films often have shorter theatrical lifespans.

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