Abhishek Bachchan Embraces Audience Feedback: From Film Coach to Social Media Trolls, He Listens to All

When Abhishek Bachchan sees offensive tweets or comments on social media, he is notorious for responding to the trolls in kind. In a recent interview with Humans of Bombay, the actor stated that he considers it his responsibility to listen to every member of the audience who has seen his film, regardless of their positive or negative emotions. In the upcoming film Ghoomer, Abhishek will play the coach of a cricket player with special needs (Saiyami Kher).

He recently talked openly about how he doesn’t let hurtful remarks on social media get to him. He spoke, “This is where I differ from a lot of people. When somebody says, ‘How do you deal with bad critiques?’ I say, ‘There’s someone giving me advice for free, why would I not take it?’ Why do we get defensive and put up a wall saying ‘oh he is saying something bad’ and ‘this person is not good’.”

He added further, “I am a film actor that works very hard to make films and entertain the audience and but then expect my audience to purchase a ticket with their hard-earned money and watch my film. I owe them the value of that ticket during those three hours. And if I don’t manage to do that, they are going to be upset. Today, they have a platform to communicate that to me. Its my job and my duty to listen to them, each and every one of them.”

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