Abhiroop Basu’s views on Kantara get TROLLED

Abhiroop Basu, a director from Kolkata, had the guts to critique Rishab Shetty’s “Kantara” last week despite the movie outperforming a number of big-star blockbusters at the box office. “A picture so poorly created, so regressive, bland, and old, it’s completely puzzling how it’s earning all those praises,” the young filmmaker stated in a social media post.


The ‘Laali’ filmmaker told ETimes when they contacted him that the movie was “poorly constructed, regressive, noisy, loaded with clichés, no true character to root for, so called plot twists appear dishonest and only serve as gimmicks.” The internet community and Rishab Shetty’s supporters, who took offence at Abhiroop’s comment, did not take well to it and began a vicious attack on him. Some people have even claimed that he stated these unfavourable things to gain cheap attention. After his comment on “Kantara” became viral, hateful messages started flooding Abiroop’s Facebook messenger..

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