Abhay Deol on his Fans

The handsome Actor Abhay Deol has made a statement on his fan following. Actor Abhay Deol admits it’s hard to stay in the same field and constantly strive to make a mark, and he added that there was never any attempt or desire to be different.
“I knew I could do so much more as an actor if I had the chance. It was hard to take that opportunity,” Abhay told us.
The actor, who has ties to Bollywood’s legendary Deol clan, adds, “Even though I’ve made the movies that I’ve made, it’s been hard to stay in the business and keep pushing. because it is said that a man is not an island, likewise cinema is a collective process.

You think it will become easier because you have delivered, but with the industry growing, the pressure for delivering on the investment is also higher”.

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