Aashiqui 3 Director Anurag Basu Provides Clarity on Female Lead Casting

The highly anticipated third installment of the beloved “Aashiqui” franchise has been a hot topic of discussion for months, with fans eagerly awaiting its release. Directed by Anurag Basu, the film has been shrouded in speculation, particularly regarding the choice of the female lead. However, a recent statement from Anurag Basu provides some clarity on the matter.

In response to inquiries from various sources, Basu unequivocally stated, “No, the female lead of the film has not been finalized yet. Everything out there is mere speculation.” When questioned about Tara Sutaria’s involvement in the project, he emphasized, “No. No one has been finalized.”

Despite numerous rumors circulating, including those suggesting Sutaria’s participation in the third installment and the producers’ search for a fresh face, no official announcement has been made regarding the film’s cast.

The source of these rumors has left Mukesh Bhatt, a key figure in the franchise, bewildered. He expressed, “It is absolute nonsense. There is not even an iota of truth in this. She is not even in consideration. Shall I tell you the truth? No girl will be considered for the role before my music is ready. The songs were the stars of the first and second ‘Aashiqui.’ This franchise doesn’t need a star. We are glad to have a star this time with Kartik. But the rest is entirely up to the music.”

Bhatt further questioned, “Do you have any idea who is spreading these rumors?” before firmly asserting, “I am making it clear once and for all that ‘Aashiqui’ is my franchise. I will make it the way I want to and with the team I wish. When I am ready to go on the floors with ‘Aashiqui 3,’ if Anurag Basu still wants to direct the film, fine. Otherwise, we will get someone else.”

As anticipation continues to build for the next installment of the “Aashiqui” series, fans will have to wait for official announcements to learn more about the film’s cast and other details.

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