Johnny Depp to lose role in French Film Jeanne Du Barry ???

This new information further strengthens the notion that working with Johnny Depp is challenging. Depp reportedly had numerous disagreements with the film’s director, Maiwenn, while filming the French movie Jeanne Du Barry, in which he portrays King Louis XV. Arguments centred almost usually on timing difficulties.

When he appears on the sets, Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor, according to French showbiz pundit Bernard Montield, but “When the team is prepared at 6 AM, sometimes no one arrives. Therefore, Maiwenn becomes upset afterward, and the following day, it is she who does not appear, and there… is Johnny Depp.”

When Bernard discussed the shooting on a chat show, he disclosed this insanity “It’s not going well at all. They fight all the time.” Fortunately, filming is completed and Jeanne Du Barry, Johnny Depp’s first movie after winning his defamation lawsuit, is currently in the post-production phase for the film crew who were caught in the middle of their disagreements.

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