2022 was a very Busy Year for Sumeet Vyas

Actor Sumeet Vyas had a very busy 2022 because he was filming not one, but four consecutive films. He also witnessed the premiere of the third season of his hit show Tripling. Looking back, the actor feels that “this year has been more about learnings and recreating myself” than than just the highs and successes.

To strengthen his point, he used the film Afwaah, which he co-directed with Sudir Mishra, as an illustration. “I can’t say much about it because it’s still being created, but it was for me one of the best learning experiences. We actors have a tendency to develop a routine for how we approach a scene or a production over time. However, Sudhir Sir was able to disrupt all of those patterns and think of ideas that I was unable to. Additionally, it was a blow to my ego that I was unable to think in that manner. For me, the entire experience was somewhat humbleing, says Vyas.

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