In the 1970s, Pakistan carried out a covert nuclear weapons test. While having a happy married life with a blind Pakistani woman named Nasreen with a child on the way, Indian undercover snoop Amandeep Singh needs to expose it and remove the shame of being considered a traitor’s son.

The film centres on Amandeep’s objective as he endures taunts as his father commits suicide since he was a traitor, a subject that is only briefly touched upon.


The ingredients for Mission Majnu are ideal for a compelling narrative. The fictional tale is based on events after the Indo-Pak War of 1971, including the latter country’s covert development of nuclear weapons.

To reveal Pakistan’s clandestine activity, RAW field agent Amandeep Singh, also known as Tariq, resides and works there as a tailor. During his covert operations, he weds Nasreen, a blind woman, and they begin a family.

Shantanu Bagchi does an excellent job at directing Mission Majnu, which keeps the action going along rapidly. Amandeep’s cover appears to be on the verge of being blown numerous times, yet the director still manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Additionally, the setting of Pakistan in the 1970s is correctly created.

Tariq is expertly shown as putting the jigsaw pieces together, making connections rapidly, and acting swiftly. However, it is necessary to recognize how shaky some of the movie’s elements are. The situation seems unduly convenient since Tariq is adept at gathering information, and some of the hints and the ease with which he is delivered from perilous circumstances provide that impression.

In complex scenes, Sidharth does a good job portraying Tariq and Amandeep. His humorous performances, though, fall a little flat. Nasreen’s role is well-suited for Rashmika Mandanna, who also does a respectable acting job. Kumud Mishra excels among the supporting characters. There is a lot to say about his acting skills and track record, but doing so would require revealing spoilers.

As Amandeep’s partner, Sharib Hashmi also turns forth an impressive performance. Mission Majnu is about Amandeep’s intelligence, ingenuity, and patriotism while being mistreated, but there is also a lot of action, which Sidharth does excellently.

The film keeps loyal to its concept of the clandestine operation being revealed, and there is no blustering patriotism. The conversations are interesting and worth your time.

Rating – Three out of five stars

Overall, you will like it if you watch it without delving into the details.

Shantanu Bagchi is the director. The film, which stars Rashmika Mandanna and Sidharth Malhotra, starts streaming on Netflix on January 20. Under the aegis of RSVP Movies and Guilty by Association Media, Ronnie Screwvala, Amar Butala, and Garima Mehta produced the movie.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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