This episode starts with the scene where Namrata is in the washroom and some of the girls of a lousy word teasing her about being bisexual. She had a past with Selena as they both were best friends, but eventually, Namrata had an attraction towards Selena. It was shown that a new girl came into the college with whom Namrata interacted at once. Dimple showed her coach that she had a new idea of launching an app which could help people in need of a musician by providing their contacts and profiles. The coach disagreed, and he told Dimple and Harsh that they could do whatever they wanted.

Dimple and Harsh were curious and angry, searching for the one who had leaked the app. It was also shown that Dimple was pleading with Rishi to talk with her, but in return, Rishi wasn’t interested and was angry at her for something that couldn’t be expressed. It was also shown that a boy asking for new pics from her girlfriend was now interested in another girl and having physical contact with her. It was shown that that boy had leaked the app of Dimple. A beautiful scene is shown when it is Dimple’s birthday, and her parents wish her precisely at midnight with a beautiful song that makes Dimple happy. Dimple and Harsh went to a place where she found Rishi too, but both were jealous of each other’s partners without expressing that. When Dimple arrived home, she found Selena celebrating her birthday with her favourite dish. Dimple hugged and thanked Selena.

I like the funny parts and also love the character of Harsh, who, besides being ignored and insulted by Dimple, stands beside Dimple in every instance of her life. I also love the part when Namrata calmly and quietly answers every question of everybody rather than fighting and being angry with others.

I didn’t like the boy who used to tease Dimple and who obediently talked with his doctor besides being thankful to him for helping him out. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked Rishi’s behaviour towards Dimple, as he would have cleared things up if he had been jealous or confused about what was happening. In the end, it was shown that Selena went to the boy who leaked the Dimples app and gave Selena an amount of profit for making him have the pen drive Dimple. She quietly entered the room with the amount, and the episodes ended there. Will Dimple be able to know what is going on behind her? To know that, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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