The episode starts with the scene where a man named Harsh texts Dimple, which reminds Dimple of what happened last night and how in their depression and sadness, she kisses the lips of Harsh.

Dimple comforts herself by letting herself calm down and mean by remembering Rishi. Now she wants and knows that Rishi can solve her problem, but something stops her from texting him. On the other hand, It was shown about Rishi, who has a committed girl named Namrata, his father’s friend’s daughter. There was their birthday off, Rishi, where all things were going smooth but eventually, everything spoiled, and it was revealed that Rishi’s mother divorced and her mother was going to get married to someone else. It made Rishi’s younger brother Ashish to be sad, and he angrily left the place.

It was now shown that someone hacked the app that Dimple was making. She was upset with that and went to confront the person who had copied her app, but meanwhile, there, she began to fight and was thrown out of the company of the form with the help of security. Dimple and Rishi’s stories are shown in contrast with incidents like Rishi holding his friend Namrata by confessing in front of her parents alive that they both love each other. The institution where previously Dimple Rishi and other students were learning about hacking courses and app launching called Rishi joined back the classes. It was shown that Dimple was getting many panic attacks due to anxiety and depression.

I love the starting part of the episode as how the story started, and I also love the funny Seasons which occurred when Dimple went to get back his app and also when in the starting how the man feared Dimple.

I wouldn’t say I like the part when it was shown that a person with a dimple in her class had all the things of making Dimple’s app to be leaked and hacked by someone. I also wouldn’t say I liked a guy who asked for nude pics from a girl, which was a disrespectful action towards a girl. At The end of the episode, it was shown that Dimple was planning for an app launch with a guy, and suddenly, in some words, they both, and incidentally, Rishi came and saw that. It made Rishi behave very weirdly, and he came towards Dimple and, through his bag, built out all the coffee on Dimple. Does Rishi think and love Dimple now too? What will happen next? To know that, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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