Mili holds a degree in nursing. She works part-time in a restaurant in a sizable mall to make some cash for her plans. She resides with her father. She wants to perform well overseas. Her father, though, is opposed to travelling overseas. Mili has a particular boy in her life. When they are on their way home with the boy one day, cops stop them on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. After Mili’s father arrives at the police station, Mili and her male pals become angry. Mili’s father, though, became irate and cut off communication with his daughter.
The manager accidentally locks Mili in the freezer room of the restaurant where she works the very following day when she is there. The temperature in the room is about -18 °C. To stay alive, Mili must now turn every feasible pebble turn. The police were called after her father complained to them. Apart from the restaurant, they search everywhere for Mili. Will Mili be able to survive is the remaining part of the movie.


The movie’s immersive survival story centres on Mili Naudiyal, a happy, outgoing child everyone adores and who lives with her father. The young lady is in a secret relationship with Sameer Kumar and has a beautiful relationship with her father.
Manoj Pahwa gives this lovely father-daughter relationship a sense of realism. He does anything for her young girl because he is a soft-hearted and loving parent. The father-daughter team has incredible chemistry. With his spot-on humour, explosive moment, and search for Mili in every nook and cranny, he practically owns the screen.
With Sunny Kaushal there, the movie advanced and made an impression. He looks to be set up for more excellent screen time because he is carving out his niche. Their friendship paralleled his frantic hunt for Mili and her struggles in the freezer, which gives the movie a crucial emotional dimension.

Since everyone is familiar with the storyline, there is no element of surprise; if there is, it is due to the acting and direction of the movie. The movie starts slowly, but it picks up steam later on, to the point where you can’t get out of your seat.

Rating – Three out of five stars. Mili was let go on November 4th, 2022. Sunny Kaushal, Manoj Pahwa, and Janhvi Kapoor all have significant supporting parts in the film. Boney Kapoor and Mathukutty Xavier together create this survival thriller movie in Hindi. It will soon be OTT-accessible to the general public.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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