In Orcha, Madhya Pradesh, Manokamna Tripathi works as a sales agent for a small-town condom maker. An unfortunate series of events forces Manokamna to devote herself to her work more passionately and seriously than ever before. Would she finally come across her traditional and orthodox relatives, or will she have to make it through on her own? The solution to this question plays a significant role in the story.


Manokamna Tripathi (Nushrratt Bharucha) is carrying a ticking time bomb. Perhaps she gets employment, or she accepts a marriage proposal that her parents have arranged. She quickly accepts a position as a sales representative at the business of local condom producer Aadarniya (Brijendra Kala). The rest of the story describes how she overcomes the first difficulties of her employment, raises awareness amongst men and women within her Madhya Pradesh small-town, and persuades her traditional family to support her.




Nushrratt Bharuccha conducts the movie with assurance. She gives a consistent performance throughout the movie. She is the only personality with a clear and compelling arc that develops throughout the film. This arc could have been more powerful. Yes. Could the challenges her character faced have been more difficult to overcome? Yes. And that might have heightened the point the movie is trying to make with her shoulders. It could only have strengthened the storyline of the movie.


The supporting cast should be highlighted in particular. Despite receiving less screen time, Brijendra Kala is flawlessly cast. A similar applies to Vijay Raaz, which represents the paternal voice in a traditional household structure. In addition to picking the leheza perfectly, he keeps the character securely in place throughout its trip. One would have loved to see more plus more of Tinnu Anand and a few other supporting artists, who have also done a good job. They liven up the slow spots in the story, particularly the talk with Manokamna’s co-sisters on the patio. The punchlines, which are delivered with the right time and flair, stand out.


The soundtrack of the movie is another element that can shine. The tracks on the record don’t compel you to press the replay button, even though there is plenty of opportunity for it during the movie. Altogether, Jai Basantu Singh provides a compelling Bollywood start as a director, but he still has a ways to go before he can be considered the ship’s captain. This humorous movie has a powerful message that could have been presented and conveyed much more effectively. But what we get to witness is a lighthearted and clever film that has the proper intentions. Thus overall it’s an entertaining movie and I will give 4 star rating to this movie.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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