Arjun Bakshi, an animal lover, becomes a vigilante after his dog goes missing. During his hunt, he comes across an endangered species of Indian black-striped hyena (Lakadbaggha).
Arjun learns about an illegal animal trade in Kolkata. Will Arjun be able to save all of the animals and bring this to an end?


Anshuman Jha is a novel idea that hasn’t been investigated in Indian cinema. The movie makes an effort to show a vigilante who loves animals. When a regular guy learns that rare varieties of animals are being transported illegally, he becomes an active vigilante.
Although it is billed as the first Indian film on an animal rights activist, the film falls short.

The pace of the film is too slow to maintain viewer interest. The title Lakadbaggha is not the main topic till the very end of the film. Instead, the attention is on Arjun’s beloved dogs.

During the day, Bakshi works as a courier and teaches martial arts to children. At night, he transforms into a vigilante who protects animals. A black-striped hyena, known in Hindi as a Lakadbaggha, is encountered by Arjun while he is on the hunt after his dog Shanku goes missing one fine day. He discovers the city’s illicit animal trafficking shortly after that.

As a member of the criminal branch, Ridhi Dogra is searching for a vigilante. Unknown to her, her brother, Paresh Pahuja, is running an illegal business. The portrayal of the antagonist Aryan by Paresh gives off the impression that he is aware that his fate will be a sticky one at the end. Ridhi Dogra seemed like the perfect candidate for a police officer because of her collection and quiet demeanor. Additionally, she was an expert at navigating the action scenes.

Arjun Bakshi, portrayed by Anshuman Jha, is a typical Bengali child living in Kolkata. He loves dogs and cannot bear it when someone mistreats his canine companion; as a response, he beats them to death. Anshuman is comparable to other Bollywood action stars like Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jamwal due to his Bruce Lee-inspired hairdo and skill at executing fluid martial arts techniques.

With Ridhi Dogra’s police officer, Arjun Bakshi makes acquaintances and eventually falls in love. When Arjun is unable to locate one of his animal companions, he learns about the aforementioned animal trade.

From the beginning to finale, the action sequences are well-choreographed as Arjun Bakshi pursues the criminals to their graveyards. The Krav-Maga Israeli martial arts are used in the combat scenes. Anushamna Jha pulled off every trick with ease, and his acting is excellent.

Rating – Three out of five stars.

This film was produced by Anushman Jha, Ridhi Dogra, Paresh Pahuja, and Milind Soman under the First Ray Films label. The film was directed by Victor Mukherjee. The movie stars Ridhi Dogra and Paresh Pahuja with Anshuman Jha serving as the movie’s star. It became available on January 13, 2023.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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