The episode begins with a scene where a girl named Jhansi is with some people who some enemies are following. The enemies were following her to have the baby who was with her. Now it was shown that she was a brave lady who fought with the people but in the end, she needed to put the baby inside a tree to save it. While fighting, she comes into a fight with a man who threw her into a waterfall and the scene is switched to the present. In the present, it was shown that Jhansi was modified, and she used to live with a guy having a girl as her daughter. They both went to their daughter’s school to look at her performance.

Now after that, when they went home, she made her daughter sleep, and she went to the bedroom where Jhansi and her partner had sex. The following day, she went to say goodbye, but between the scenes, Jhansi recalls some glimpses of the past, which seems horrific. Then, Jhansi, with her husband and daughter, went to her friend’s wedding, where she went to have bags from her friend’s bedroom. When she went there, she found some strange noise where an older man was sexually harassing and forcing a girl for something. When Jhansi went there, she found the girl in trouble and fought with the men. The fight became so violent that the men died due to striking a wall with open iron sticks. Jhansi was tense, and she came towards her partner.

Meanwhile, her partner was talking to a man who was executing the treatment of Jhansi. She gets nervous when she experiences the incidents or recalls them at present. She remains unconscious as her brain remains active and responds in correspondence to her past whenever the incident repeats.

I liked Jhansi’s husband as, besides being unaware of Jhansi’s past, he accepted her and supported her every time. The episode is designed well, creating suspense, joy and curiosity about what happens ahead.

I didn’t like the violence shown and the girl character as it was a spoiler or an irritating part of me. At the end of the episode, it was shown that the man came to treat Jhansi, and he found that Jhansi was showing improvement. He also told her that if she did it better, she could recall her past fully. Will Jhansi remember her past? To know that stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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