The episode starts with a scene where Jhansi finds that Sakeeth is somehow uncomfortable with her rude behaviour. It created a fight between them. Sankeeth told Jhansi that earlier, there was also the same problem between him and his ex-wife, Sakshi. He told Sakshi to let him know her secrets and what was happening inside her. It made Jhansi angry, and on the other hand, Dhruva, the man supporting Jhansi in figuring out her past, told Kriti that he loved her and wanted to marry Kriti. Kriti was so scared of past incidents that she was scared of accepting things and especially people. When Dhruva came out, Kriti.’s father told him that it was challenging to convince Kriti, to which he responded that a time would come when she would accept Dhruva.

Now it was shown that Jhansi and Dhruva went to Goa to figure out the actual and complete story. Meanwhile, Jhansi left without a goodbye, and when she left after some time, it was found that Meha had started vomiting and was suffering from food poisoning. Now Sankeeth constantly tried to call Jhansi, but she didn’t receive the call as her phone was off. When they reached Goa, they started to figure out the logo which was identified or recalled by Jhansi to know what was the actual matter. On the other hand, Caleb faced a loss of goods as his enemy lit a fire in his truck. Now Jhansi found a woman with her at Ripukumar’s place, where she was also kept, and the lady recognised Jhansi as Mahitha. Now they tried to make the lady recognise them, but as she had aids, she got mad. But the lady recognised ” Billu’s Club”, where Dhruva and Jhansi went to investigate but could not figure out the real stuff. Someone constantly watched them via CCTV, and they came out from the club.

I like the part when Kriti is tense and fears Dhruva as she also loves him, but due to her past, she takes her step back from having someone who loves and takes care of her.

I wouldn’t say I liked how Barbie was with Caleb as, in my opinion, Caleb was the one who did wrong with all the girls, including Barbie and Mahitha or Jhansi.
In the end, it was found that Jhansi and Dhruva were kidnapped, and through the lady, a man on whom Jhansi had thrown bombs in the past, came to know that Jhansi was alive. The series ends here. Eagerly waiting for season 2!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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