At the beginning of the episode, a man named Ramajayam commits suicide. Then the scene continues where the ex-wife or mother of Meha solves the murder case of Satya as she was a police constable. Jhansi got scared as she remembered that when she was going to kill Satya, someone was there who had seen her. It was none other than the victim, Deepika’s uncle. Then Jhansi went to school to pick up Meha from school. Now it was shown that the man knew that it was Jhansi last night which killed Satya. The man told Jhansi that he had found a bracelet and asked if that thing belonged to her, to which she denied it.

Now it was shown that Jhansi got scared as the man had doubted her. At night the man messages Jhansi that if she doesn’t meet him, he will expose her by delivering the bracelet to the police.

The man’s intention in calling Jhansi late at night was to seek help from her in Kriti’s case. Kriti was a girl who sought justice in the past against the people who used to bully and harass her friend. Kriti was reporting at the police station where the man who narrated the story was present, where he experienced love at first sight with the girl. As we all know, criminals find a way to hide permanently, and in this case, the same thing happened to the one who was the criminal who threw acid on Kriti in front of people by throwing an egg on her face. Now it was shown that you are doing this. Jhansi helped the men by killing all the people who were involved in throwing acid on Kriti’s face. Next, the man went to Kriti’s house to tell them the good news that the criminals were finally killed.

Now it was shown that a man was killed whose children were being built. They were the ones who took care of Meha in the starting episodes. Jhansi told the man about her plan, and the man agreed to support and help Jhansi.

I like the part of Jhansi that lends people Justice by punishing all the criminals who committed crimes. Punishing criminals was wrong, but the cause was for the betterment.

I wouldn’t say I liked the way everything was being puzzled, as it was clear what had happened and how Jhansi became too strong. In the beginning, it was shown that she was a simple girl being kidnapped from a place to be a part of girl trafficking.
At the end of the episode, it was shown that Jhansi and the man went to the office of Ramajayam as he was the last victim, through which Jhansi can recall more about her past. When he secretly entered his office, he found everything was burnt, and a logo made Jhansi recognise something. She got too scared to see the logo and was trying to recognise all the past. What was that logo? To know that, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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