Now it was shown that Jhansi knew that her original name was Mahitha. She used to live with a girl named Barbie. They both used to live together, which attracted them sexually towards each other. Barbie was jealous if someone used to be close to Jhansi. As they both grew up, both were too beautiful and had perfect figures with perfect qualities taught, according to Ripukumar. A day arrived when the real deal of the girls was going to happen where Jhansi was accepted, but Barbie wasn’t. It made Barbie convinced them, and they both left together. Now it was shown that suddenly Ripukumar. The lady hesitated while talking, which made him suspicious, and when he came to know that Mahitha was alive, she fought with them and burnt them all and rescued the other girls.

Now Jhansi arrived at the place where the funeral of Deepika was going on, where she got unconscious about her illness of recalling the past and had to switch the presence of mind. She got distracted and met with an accident. When they returned home, they found that Jhansi was involved more in the news, which made Sankeeth and Meha angry with him as they were in the negative phase due to the death of Deepu. Nextly as we know that Jhansi had a problem with recalling as her brain responds to anything at any time, and she was unable to sleep. She went to the balcony and found the criminal on his balcony who was fully drunk. Now it made Jhansi angry, and she killed the man with his alcohol bottle itself.

I liked the courageous and bold character of Jhansi as now I came to know that she was like this due to her past, where she got separated from her parents and was torched a lot by the kidnappers. It was appreciative of Jhansi’s rescue of kidnapped girls like her.

I would say I like the boy who killed Deepika, as she was a sweet and innocent child. I also won’t like how the lady was supposed to be with Ripukumar besides knowing his reality. At the end of the episode, Jhansi kills the man who killed Deepika as Jhansi wants justice for all the people, especially girls, who have suffered without any punishment or mistake. Will the police be able to figure out the criminal? What happened ahead with Barbie and Mahitha or Jhansi? To know that stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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