Now, this episode starts with a scene where there was the birthday of Meha, to whom Sankeeth promised to plan a surprise. Jhansi was with the man the whole night in her showroom, trying to spell out the truth from his mouth. Now the police officer who was the ex-wife of Sankeeth came to wish her daughter Meha but was unable to do that. She got tears in her eyes and left. Now Sankeeth, Meha and Jhansi went for a lunch date where Jhansi gave colours as a gift to Meha. Now Jhansi and Sankeeth left Meha at some relatives’ homes and left for their respective work. As the man is in the room, he tries to escape, which Jhansi makes him scared by a needle, and he agrees with Jhansi.

As the man started to narrate the story, he told Jhansi that the man kidnapped him to be sold out to Ripukumar, who was the girl supplier and used to trade girls or can be said to be running a sex racket. He made the girl unconscious and had a chance when the girl alone stepped down from the bus without informing her parents, which was a chance for the man to kidnap her. She told him to take her to Ripukumar, where she fought with some people and finally entered Ripukumar’s house. The lady narrated how rigid she was, and she used to believe and stay with a girl named Barbie, who was none other than the girl who had coloured hair and used to appear in the dreams of Jhansi.

I loved the part about how Jhansi fought and tried to escape, besides knowing that she had a risk of her life. I also liked how Jhansi tried to figure out her past to know what had happened to her.

I wouldn’t say I like the part when Sankeeth refused Meha’s birth mother to meet her as she came to his daughter. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked how people run their sex racket besides knowing that it is an illegal practice. In the end, Sankeeth tries to call Jhansi multiple times to inform her that Meha was lost and wasn’t found anywhere, but Jhansi doesn’t reply as she is busy learning her past from the lady. Where did Meha go? Was she also kidnapped like Jhansi was in her past? To know that stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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