This episode starts with how Jhansi came with Sankeeth and Meha as the villagers rescued her, and at that time, she lost her memory completely. Jhansi and Meha interacted, which gave Sankeeth to m Jhansi, her wife, a new identity.
In the next scene, a man is shown who prepares a meal for her child Rohan by himself. It wasn’t confirmed that the boy belonged to a man named Caleb. Now it was shown that the man gave the breakfast to the boy, guiding him to make anger his strength to have courage while firing from the gun. He then left from there and went towards his car, which he found strange as he realised that someone was there who was with a gun to shoot the man, but meanwhile, the gunman loaded his gun, the girl who used to appear in Jhansi’s dream came and shot the man.

Next, a scene was shown where Jhansi recalled a man in the past whom he showed on a hoarding when she was passing by and cleverly made a plan to know what happened to his eyes to know what happened in the past. She tried to talk to the man while he was drunk, but the man started harassing her, which made her kidnap that man. Meanwhile, Caleb learned about the man who planned to kill him, and he killed that man in front of everybody. He called the man who threw Jhansi, who wore a face mask and was too angry with the one who saw her face.

I liked the part where Jhansi was shown as courageous as, besides losing her identity, she gave herself a second chance and started a new journey. I will appreciate Sankeeth for making Jhansi live a free life.

I wouldn’t say I liked how the man whose face was burnt due to the bomb thrown by Jhansi slapped a girl kissing her just because she asked him to take off his mask. He should have scolded her instead rather than being violent with her. At the end of the episode, it was shown that Jhansi, mentioned above, kidnapped a man whom she found with lots of blood in the past recollection and moved from her form in her car. What will Jhansi do with him? To know ahead, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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