Jack Ryan is back with Season 3. It’s been a frenetic start to the season! The series starts with an intense plot of shutting down a secret project named “Sokol” in Matoska USSR, where a mass of Russian scientists working on it gets killed on the orders of Luka, as instructed by General Kuznetsov.

A violinist named Zoya Ivanova assists Jack in retrieving sensitive Russian intelligence from the Russians. She reveals that word of the termination of the Sokol project was spread in an unidentified way, indicating the nuclear move is in progress. At that moment, Ryan gets exposed and gets kicked out of the hotel.

With Jack on the move from his leads, he gets the exact location from one of his leads, and Langley takes action. A SOG team has been sanctioned by director Miller to investigate and report back. Ryan is on the team. In an undercover operation they find Yuri Bashkin, who claims to have built Sokol. Things take a turn when- Elizabeth instructs Ryan to drop off Yuri at the Greece port, Ryan advises her to follow the rules. But, Yuri gets killed in a crossfire when a Russian truck ambushes them on a safe house and when Popov gets killed in an assassination when Popov and Kovac attend a football match in Czech.

To conclude, the strength of this series is how it introduces new characters (and lets them go when they need to). With Hoss playing Alena Kovac, the Czech president of the Czech Republic, you’ve got some notable additions. The mysterious Kremlin operative Luka who worked for the Soviet death squads during the Cold War, is a kind of guy who gets the knuckles in a pickle. To make matters even worse, Surikov’s own cabinet is divided into factions that want to bring Russia back to glory.

The storyline intricacies of spymasters, double agents, and betrayal, the series features some of its most impressive work to date, with many of the key players having become major players and shakers in the present world which makes the series more interesting!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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