Avinash asks Sheikh about Babloo Pandey and Devi when he visits. Additionally, Avinash observes a recently covered trench (where Sheikh buried Babloo), but he doesn’t question Sheikh about it. Sheikh becomes irritated by Avinash’s persistent questions regarding Devi and his stern demeanor. The officer then makes a subliminal warning to Sheikh before leaving.

Devi visits Avinash the following day at the STF office. Avinash uses foul words and cautions Devi to accept the truth throughout their conversation. Devi screams obscenities at Avinash in a rage before leaving the station. It’s amusing to witness how Avinash responds to her with snark and savagery throughout their talk.

Additionally, Sheikh’s backstory is revealed, in which he kills his parents for selling his sister. In addition, a melancholy flashback reveals the cause of his sister’s impairment. The covert relationship between Veer and Nandhini, his brother’s wife, is another character arc we discover.

Nandhini approaches Veer because she is enraged with her spouse for failing to give her sexual satisfaction (rescue me). He initially disputes it but eventually concedes. I laughed at the depressing background music played while they both made out. Why even sing such a song when she is cheating? I cannot imagine the suffering she is feeling. Instead of sleeping with her husband’s older sister, she may have divorced or looked for another option.

In the following scenes, Veer informs Rakesh that Sheikh is responsible for his son’s death. Rakesh seeks out Avinash and asks him to deal with Sheikh such that he will beg and plead as his baby boy would have before being killed. Avinash is troubled by Rakesh’s demands because his efforts are continually ineffective, and he cannot make notes on the links.

Ghazi, Rafiq’s younger brother, begins exacting retribution while conducting his inquiry. He beats Avinash’s father to a pulp, which puzzles the cop because he has been dealing with tragedies since meeting Sheikh. Soon after, a classmate of Avinash’s son Varun is slain in the school bathroom, with a geometry divider being the only weapon discovered. Although Varun and his friend were at odds, would a young child go to such lengths? Or is Sheikh attempting to create a bad situation for Avinash’s family?

Avinash is under pressure, and so many details are still missing, so the tale is starting to get interesting. We don’t know who killed Bhaati, Babloo (the viewers know, but the authorities don’t), Pinky, Ghazi’s next course of action for retaliation, Sheikh and Veer’s lethal relationship, or any of the other victims.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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