After breaking his pledge to return the child securely, Avinash is troubled. He goes to the police station, gathers his team, and orders them to put all other cases on hold to concentrate only on finding Babloo Pandey. Imran, the brother of Rafiq, joins forces with Sheikh and Devi in the meantime. They give him a rifle, which he then uses to intimidate the students at his institution into casting their votes for him. Unexpectedly, Laxmikant’s daughter is also a student there, and she disagrees with him.

The offender is spotted racing around while wearing a Burqa and trying to hide from Devi and Sheikh during the search for Babloo. Despite giving him the command to kill the child, they both reject his request. In a rage, Babloo looks into ways to leave the nation. He finds Pinky’s former lover contacting her and pleading for her to return to him when he picks up her phone amid this pandemonium. Pinky, the target of Babloo’s fury and threats, wins his trust and offers him a different strategy.

Meetu gives Avinash an indication that Babloo wants to talk to him. Pinky tells Avinash that if he assures their protection, she will disclose the primary criminal who ordered the kidnapping and killing of the child. Avinash arrives at the scene and discovers Pinky. Avinash is initially hesitant but eventually decides, only to discover that Sheikh is the person who committed the crime.

Since Babloo consented to testify in court against Sheikh, Avinash and his crew, get ready to arrest him. Sadly, Devi attacks and kills Babloo and his men. Additionally, we discover that Ahlawat, an STF officer, is the one who leaks all the maneuvers to a higher official, who then tells Sheikh. So Sheikh completes them before the STF can do anything useful.

As Avinash had previously indicated, there is a possibility that Ahlawat was the primary cause of Ghazi’s passing as well. Returning to Babloo’s problem, Pinky manages to flee during the massacre, raising the possibility that she might have witnessed it, although we’re not sure. Avinash visits Sheikh’s house at the end of the episode; Sheikh is friendly with the bad guy.

The episode continued where episode 5 left off, so hopefully, they will unravel the mystery of Ghazi’s passing and that eerie doctor. Will the cast make episode 8 creative enough to put everything together even if the plot is developing slowly and steadily and this particular episode didn’t provide much information? Or will there be a season 2 where we find out the truth?

Since Devi is depicted in more terrible detail than Sheikh, Avinash is unaware of her criminal history and likely next steps. Additionally, Veer Bhushan’s criminal history hasn’t been investigated yet. Next, it is still quite unclear why Ahlawat is betraying STF and to whom he reports. Another query is if Ahlawat is the evil cop or if the information is being provided for good. Additionally, why is Imran threatening this new guy at his college? To know what’s next, stay connected!!

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