Sheikh, the main character (as of now), begins in this episode by brutally murdering a victim after being traumatized by a childhood incident. Although the incident’s flashback didn’t tell much, we surmise that Sheikh’s teacher was the person he killed. Laxmikant, a dependable cop, suffers since the mystery surrounding Ghazi’s death has not yet been resolved.

Avinash and his colleagues investigate the cause of Ghazi’s unexpected death to establish Laxmikant’s innocence. Avinash is working on a strategy to apprehend Shukla while receiving information about one of the notorious goons, a criminal named Rafiq. When they encounter Rafiq, Avinash, and his squad, posing as wedding guests, arrest him.

Along with learning that Veer Bhushan, the CM’s brother who recruited the STF, is friendly with Sheikh, this episode also reveals that Rafiq was killed. Sheikh reportedly belongs to Veer’s political party, but since he wields greater influence, Veer wants to eliminate him. It is essentially the reason he appointed STF—not to preserve the life of his brother but rather to put an end to criminals so he could take over as prime minister. Is Veer the truly evil man who uses his ministerial authority to pretend to be innocent, or is Sheikh, the villain in this situation?

Moving ahead, Avinash determines with the aid of a medical professional that Ghazi received a poison injection. This demonstrated the innocence of Laxmikant. But the offender is still at large, and the case hasn’t been closed yet. We also learn that Sheikh is preparing a significant action to bring Veer down, and vice versa, in the meantime. The writing is sharp, with well-crafted dialogues that enhance the intensity of each scene.

Randeep Hooda’s performance as Inspector Avinash continues to be the highlight of the series. He effortlessly embodies the character’s determination, charisma, and vulnerability, delivering a nuanced portrayal that keeps the audience emotionally invested. Hooda’s on-screen presence is commanding, and his chemistry with the supporting cast is commendable. The action sequences in this episode are masterfully choreographed, adding an adrenaline rush to the narrative. To know what’s next stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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