Following Bhaati’s arrest, Avinash and his crew launch their investigation. Cleverly, Bhaati denies disclosing any information. The head of the Special Unit, Dasgupta, arrives during the interrogation while they are still in detention and insists that they release Bhaati. We witness a higher-ranking police officer telling Dasgupta about the criminal’s alarm at the start of the episode. These dishonest people want to free the weapon thief while trying to hide something immoral.

Avinash is adamant about holding onto Bhaati because he requires certain information. He is discovered dead when he returns to the station to check on him. For killing an offender in custody before bringing him before the court, Avinash has come under heavy fire. They discover Bhaati had been poisoned to death during the autopsy. When all the law enforcement was present, who could have poisoned the criminal? This query is raised, and at the climax, we are given a brief response.

Since Bhaati was bound to the chair, we still don’t know how he ingested the poison, though. Did someone feed him, or did the tea contain the poison? If so, who and how did they add it? The cause of death is still unknown because no one outside the police was spotted entering the custody room. The method of poisoning him is still a major mystery, although we have determined that someone from the autopsy facility is involved in the murder.

The third episode is masterfully produced. The mystery of the crime is safe, and there is an element of suspense. Although there are signs, it is difficult to determine the precise cause of the death. Since there are many unanswered issues, it keeps viewers eager about what will happen next, which motivates them to wait for and stream the upcoming episode. The series team will benefit from this.

Numerous new characters are frequently added, which keeps the show interesting. It can be challenging to identify the villain because every character has a role to play. Since each character has a connection to another, keeping an eye on them all closely may allow us to predict what will happen next. However, while making assumptions might be challenging, the scriptwriter did a terrific job.

However, as I mentioned in the prior evaluations, the dubbing audio is the sole drawback. The dialogue cuts out suddenly in certain areas, and the scene goes entirely silent without the music decreasing, making the editing worse in those spots. When Kabir is speaking at the hospital, the hospital sounds are audible. However, as soon as he finishes speaking, the scene’s audio completely stops until the next speech, which is followed by more of the same. The group should investigate that.

This episode notably left me waiting for the resolution, which will be revealed in the fourth or later episode, compared to the other two. There is a lot to put together, and we will certainly discover the connection in the next episodes. Thankfully, these cliffhangers don’t confuse and complicate things; instead, they add to the show’s intrigue. To know what’s next, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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