The shooting of Kiran, an MLA from the opposing party, at her house, sparks unrest among the people of Uttar Pradesh. A criminal appears to be at large, but we don’t know for whom he works or why he killed Kiran. The STF is urged to help resolve this situation. Avinash Mishra rejoins the group and looks for potential suspects.

His team discovers Kiran’s political lover in some mysterious way. Avinash demands an explanation after showing him the private images of the two of them. However, it is discovered that he was unrelated to the crime, so the inspector employs him only to meet the costs of his informant’s demands.

The following day, Avinash gets a call from a woman who gives him some information on the criminal Bittu Chaubey. Although we cannot identify the woman on the phone, it is clear that she is Bittu’s wife because, just before this scene, viewers are shown Bittu molesting her.

The lives of the three wives were something I like about this episode. One is Poonam, Avinash’s wife, who cares for their son at home and leads a content life. The criminal Bittu’s wife is then used as an illustration of a woman who has experienced domestic abuse. Despite her repeated requests for Bittu not to touch her, he continues to harass her sexually. This forces her to tell the cops who he is. Mrs. Nandhini, the Chief Minister’s brother’s spouse, comes in third.

As her husband is having sex with another woman in his room, Nandhini answers the phone and hands it to him. She knows it, she sees it, and still, she walks away quietly. She suppresses her feelings because she is the power’s spouse. In addition to the investigations and the action, this episode’s description of the class system in society also includes the life biographies of these three women.

Finally, we saw a male attending a pooja while dressed as a woman. He appears to be another major criminal, and the following episode will likely center around him. Who is he, and why is he associated with the leader of the weapons cartel? Is he the major antagonist or merely a supporting character? Once Avinash moves on to discover the offender, all of these questions will have their answers.

Like the previous episode, this one has an intriguing plot that flows smoothly. One sequence in particular, in which Avinash cuts the brake cables by crawling underneath the moving lorry, seems over the top. It’s not feasible, so why do we invent heroic situations to show off? It will be much better if the directors maintain some realism. To know what’s ahead, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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