Rhaenyra is out on a ‘groom hunt’ which, as per Viserys, is her duty as the heir to the iron throne. She sees a lot of contenders including children as well as senior citizens, another instance that everyone is just power-hungry. Daemon returns to Kings’ Landing and hands him over his crown as well as the Stepstones.

There’s a feast to celebrate Daemon’s victory, however, no one seems to bat an eye at Rhaenyra, and is seemingly upset at her decisions. Daemon takes Rhaenyra out among the common folk dressed as a boy – apparently for a night out like the common people, but his intentions seem to be a little, nay, a lot different. Otto Hightower – the Hand to the King, receives a piece of unpleasant news concerning Rhaenyra and Daemon. Daemon asks Viserys to marry Rhaenyra to him but is denied.

Rhaenyra. Viserys finds Otto(the Hand) guilty of spying on Rhaenyra and in greed for the throne for his grandson – Aegon, and consequently, frees him from his duties as The Hand. The episode – overflowing with patriarchy and mind-boggling conspiracies, comes to an end when Rhaenyra is given a potion – which is nothing but a contraceptive. The episode doesn’t seem boring despite the absence of any action – the plot is engaging enough by now.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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