The third episode is set around 3 years ahead, and we see a Viseryes married to his daughter’s best-friend Alicent Hightower, and with a son – finally! Alicent is again pregnant and everyone believes that it would again be a boy. While everyone including the lords and the people in general is thinking that Rhaenyra is not going to be the heir for long, some lords are trying to convince Viseryes the same.

The character of Viserys is still uncharismatic if you’re wondering, he is not just a confused king but also weak as he seems frightened to go near a trapped deer and isn’t able to kill him in one go. We are introduced to Lannisters in a rather unpleasant way. Rhaenyra is nowhere seen near the family and has taken to reading her books and staying alone. Daemon goes on a war in the stepstones with the crabfeeder and is failing badly. However, when Viserys sends help, it infuriates Daemons and he goes on to fight with the crabfeeder and his army all alone.

Sooner, Daemon’s army joins in and we see him walking out with the mutilated body of the crabfeeder. This sort of war is the only action in House of Dragon till now. The slow p[pace of the show continues and so does the inability of king Viserys. The visuals in this episode are stunning as we finally move beyond the buildings. The episode shows some hope that House of Dragon might really turn out to be a good series, however, we really can’t say much except, *fingers crossed*.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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