The audience is not very pleased with the second episode as well. The central perplexity is around the heir to King Viserys. Yes, Rhaenyra is the declared heir but no one seems to get their mind around it. Viserys himself is a weak king in terms of decision-making and acts largely on the decree of his court.

Everyone is expecting the king to remarry in order to secure the succession and get a male heir so that Rhaenyra doesn’t have to be a queen. Two powerful members of the court want the king to marry one of their daughters, however, their ways to make this possible are different. We’re further introduced to “the queen who never was” – lady Rhaenys, a Targaryen herself. Rhaenys tries to ally with Rhaenyra citing her experience, however, Rhaenyra discards her.

Daemon steals a dragon egg and announces marriage to his lover. Lord Otto Hightower is sent to bring the egg back however, Rhaenyra interrupts and talks Daemon into giving the egg back without any bloodshed. As the King announces his plans to marry, a new partnership is seen spur. The show seems to press the patriarchy a little too much. HOD is not a bad show but the thing is that we as an audience are used to GOT and similar kinds of politics and events are not anti-climactic to us anymore. Will HOD just be a shadow of GOT or will overshadow it, this is a question only time will answer.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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