The much-awaited prequel or rather spinoff of the popular(debatable) series Game of Thrones is finally here. Game of Thrones will always be remembered as a series that could not live up to its hype. We just hope that House of The Dragons takes some lessons there and provide us with a series worth not just watching multiple times but fanboying over it.

The episode begins with the decision of the new King of the Seven Kingdoms, where King Jaeherys is the current King, and Viserys(his grandson) is chosen as his successor. The show proceeds in a very GOT-Esque manner. Viserys’ brother, Daemon Targaryen is being discussed in the council of the king, where everyone is seen opposing him but Viserys himself. Many viewers are seeing Daemon as one of the major ‘villains’ in the series. The story proceeds with Viserys having to choose his successor, he has only two options in the forms of his brother and his daughter.

Rhaenyra is Viserys’ daughter and shows all the qualities of being a queen but again, the council is looking for a ‘king’. Viserys is eager for his wife to give birth and believes that he’ll have a boy, which he does later, but things don’t end well for mother and son alike. HOD is set around 200 years prior to GOT but the difference between the two centuries is nowhere to be seen.

The same politics, gruesome acts of violence, brothels, and gore killings, are seen which doesn’t seem any fresh from GOT. The actors have done a brilliant job, Paddy Considine(Viserys), Matt Smith(Daemon), and Emma D’ Arcy(Rhaenyra) play their parts with full conviction. The graphics, needless to say, are top-notch. HOD seems to be doing everything well except the screenplay. Going forward, HOD has all the potential of turning out to be a great show. As an audience member, it’ll be infuriating to have an excellent series ruined towards the end, cue GOT.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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