The first episode starts with a court where there is a tiger in the Jungle and a crocodile in the river. The scene begins with a party executed by “The Roys”, a royal family celebrating their company’s success. At that party, it was told that the company was being handled by two of the sons of Yash Roy named Bhisham Roy and Vardan Roy. Bhisham Roy was called upon the stage as Vardan Roy was paralysed and unable to move. Bisham and Indirani, the wife of Vardan, hated each other. On the other hand, a scene was shown where factory workers moved to the factory, and they were having their me, and suddenly a gang came and fired all of them. To vanish evidence, they burn the dead bodies, destroying the factory.

It led to a boom in public, and it was informed to Bisham while he was speaking on stage. The next day Indirani talked to a journalist, and she went to give sympathy to the workers who were on strike. She told them that she would help the dead farmers to gain justice soon. It was confirmed that Indirani was only here to rule on Roy as her husband was disabled, which made her more powerful. Police came for an investigation where they found that both of them were defending each other and told only one thing that justice. Many things happen as there are many secrets and loopholes with all of them.

I liked how CBI investigated the case in-depth and from every angle to lend the dead workers justice. I also like how Indrani replied to the police that no one family is perfect. Every family suffers from some loopholes, and they should keep them secret to maintain the reputation and standard of the family.

I wouldn’t say I liked how Bisham insulted Indira due to his hatred. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked how Abhimanyu behaved with his mother as Indrani used to comfort whereas Abhimanyu assaulted her with his actions and words. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked how Abhimanyu publicly and forcefully kissed Hunar, whom he wanted at first sight. At last, a CBI officer dies as he meets in a truck accident. Did all these happen due to Indrani and Bisham’s fights, or was someone else involved? To know that stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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